About Me – Estee de Villiers

About Me – Estee de Villiers

Estee and Ester de Villiers on Table Mountain

Hi! I’m Estee, a smiley Cape Town-based photographer, writer and videographer with a love for storytelling, people, travel, and ice cream.

I lived what you could call an ordinary life until two remarkable events happened in 2017. One: I semi-spontaneously travelled to Hong Kong to visit a friend and awakened a part of myself that has been planning my next trip ever since. Two: I witnessed and filmed the birth of a baby alpaca (called a cria) and since then I’ve been contemplating the miracle of life more frequently with a camera in hand.

The baby alpaca was named Estee and my heart wants to explode with joy every time I think about it.

I’ve become an expert in digital content over the past six years working as a social media manager for brands like Spree, Top Billing, Afternoon Express and Cape Town Tourism. At the latter my passion for photography was awakened and currently, I’m doing social media, photography and content creation on a freelance basis in the beautiful city of Cape Town. I’ve also co-founded an InstaMag with my former work wife Yolandé Botha and you should absolutely check it out, it’s called @thisismooi.

My curiosity about people and their stories led me to study journalism and it keeps taking me to interesting places. I highly value kindness, open-mindedness, generosity, gratitude, and simplicity and if you do too I’d love to work with you.

Whether it’s photography, writing, or videography, please contact me and let’s make some digital magic together. Get in touch via estee@esteedevilliers.com

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The alpaca named Estee
The newborn baby alpaca at Alpaca Loom just outside Cape Town

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