Zadar like a local

Zadar like a local

Our taxi driver was horrified when we told him we would like to go to the nearest nice beach and pronto. He tried to convince us to do a whole host of tourist activities that one must check off some imaginary list of must-do touristy things, but we stuck to our guns and soon we had the sun in our face and on our bodies. It was summer and it was super hot and we knew exactly what we wanted.

Justin Bieber sang somewhere while the tiny waves reluctantly met the pebbled shore. It certainly felt like we had found a local beach as nobody else with a giant camera or map was in sight (the usual obvious tourist markers). We tried our best not to stare or laugh as a very tanned man with the tiniest speedo in the whole world walked past. At a glance, it looked like the women on the beach were models and most of the men old and hairy. C’est la vie.

Honestly, we weren’t doing that much people watching because we couldn’t take our eyes off the sea. The most incredible blue you’ve ever seen. Pictures don’t do it justice. We could have stayed there staring at it for days. A ladder led us to the water like we were getting into the world’s biggest and best kept swimming pool. The water was super salty. It’s not cold, but certainly refreshing and sweet relief from the heat.

Later we explored the Old Town of Zadar and watched locals going about their daily activities. The city appeared to be in good shape and well kept. The monuments we saw looked like something out of a fairytale or movie set. We also walked about an outdoor market before strolling down a promenade next to our mutual love, the sea.

We walked past a swimming coach doing a warm-up session with students and one of his students was blind or visually impaired. I could definitely imagine myself living here, taking swimming lessons and getting to know this place and its people better.

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