Why you should visit Tokyo’s Digital Art Museum

Why you should visit Tokyo’s Digital Art Museum

The future is not here, it’s in Tokyo at the teamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum.

Down the rabbit hole, you’ll find a world of endless art, that never stops moving. The idea was to create several different themed rooms but to have the art move around the rooms, so it almost has a life of its own.

The result is a unique visit for every person. Lights change colours when you touch them, bobbles swish and change hues in waves when you pat them and animals walk the hallway, eerily breaking off into little piece as people make contact.

Using mirrors and lights they have created a borderless world that seems endless and magnificent.

The longer you stand in the one room, the more butterflies fly out of your feet. These butterflies fly all over the entire museum and disintegrate when touched.

One room has a beautiful flowing digital waterfall. It looks like a modern watering hole with people draped all over the structures in the ‘water’.

Another room has fields of digital flowers projected onto every corner of the indistinguishable room. The lights swallow you whole and you become a part of the exhibition. Your feet are sunflowers and your head is a bouquet of dancing daffofils.

It’s a place where your imagination can really run wild. It’s overwhelming and delightful. Even standing in the queue for some of the rooms is exciting.

It’s also a great visual reminder that you affect the space and entities around you. You have an impact and you can decide how to use it.

If you love art and you love feeling like a kid, then you’ll love the digital art museum by TeamLab.

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