Tokyo day 2: Shibuya, Harujuku & Yoyogi Park

Tokyo day 2: Shibuya, Harujuku & Yoyogi Park

Rice porridge, pickled plumbs, and a view of the city stretching into eternity is what got us started on our second day in Tokyo.

The traditional Japanese breakfast was super interesting.

Thanks to a friend’s recommendation we took the train to Shibuya Crossing, where we found the nearby Shibuya Excel Hotel. Here we enjoyed a traditional Japanese breakfast with a bird’s eye view of the city. What a sight it is! You get perspective on just how huge Tokyo is when you see it from higher up. You get the idea that it’s several cities in one, as you can see differences between neighbourhoods and areas from above.

From above we could see how huge Yoyogi Park is. We walked through it to get back to our home base in Hatagaya and returned later. Our friend who was our guide for our time in Tokyo took us back to the park at dusk for a unique sight. Every Sunday there is a group of dancing Elvis fans who jive while the sun sets. It was highly entertaining and one of my favourite surprises in Tokyo.

The dancing Elvis group at Yoyogi Park

After a good afternoon nap (an essential when you’re being over excited constantly) we made our way to Harajuku where the over stimulation was taken to another level. There are hundreds if not thousands of amazing shops lining the streets of the shopping district and so many interesting characters. We had some seriously delicious crepes and walked the streets till our feet ached and it was late at night.

We made our way through the hip and beautiful Cat Street and felt like we were in a futuristic film thanks to the bright lights of the city.

I felt so at home in Harajuku and had to seriously restrain myself from blowing my entire budget. My loot for the day included highlighters in the form of syringes, a shirt with space cats on it and severely overpriced stickers that are not nearly as durable and unique as the shop assistants promised (but still pretty amazing).

The city kept on surprising us, and we were just getting started…

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