Tokyo Day 1 MIND = BLOWN

Tokyo Day 1 MIND = BLOWN

Two of the first things we did as soon as we arrived in Tokyo: 1. Buy something from a vending machine. 2. Get on the wrong train.

Both of these acts are inevitable when visiting Japan’s thrilling capital. The land of the rising sun could be called the land of the plentiful vending machines as they have about one vending machine for every 23 people. Our very first loot consisted of an iced coffee and a melon flavoured milk. Both were delicious and the coffee was so good we had it almost daily.

We arrived at night. It felt oddly familiar, but some sights remind you that you’re far away from home. Like the big, bold and unfamiliar neon signs, the passerbys on bicycles holding clear umbrellas, and the frequent brightly lit convenient stores.

After checking in at our Airbnb in Hatagaya, we grabbed our umbrellas and went looking for some food. We found a Lawsons where we bought an array of unfamiliar foods and treats, including fish-shaped ice cream with sweet bean paste.

The next morning we explored our neighbourhood some more before meeting our local guide who showed us around two different temples and a park. We then went for a late lunch of Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki (which is like a Japanese pancake made with egg and goodness) which was so good it might have ruined us for all future meals. The sauce, in particular, was so tasty we’ve affectionately renamed it ‘the crack sauce’.

At the park, we saw these incredibly beautiful softshell turtles (Suppon turtles) in the water. They seemed really tame and very different to any turtle we’ve ever seen. They’re carnivorous and apparently served up as a health food and delicacy.

We ended off the evening by meeting some friends at the iconic Shibuya Crossing. Here we hugged a stranger holding a ‘Free Hugs’ sign, got beers and frozen mochi from a convenience store, and finished off the night with a karaoke session. It was one of the best days of my life and it was only the start! More updates coming soon 🙂

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