The best hike in Cape Town: Kasteelspoort on Table Mountain

The best hike in Cape Town: Kasteelspoort on Table Mountain

There are plenty of astonishing hikes to try in Cape Town, South Africa, that it’s nearly impossible to choose a favourite. We’re going to go out on a rocky limb to say Kasteelspoort on Table Mountain is the best one, here’s why:

The view

The view from the Camps Bay side of Table Mountain is quite underrated and the one you can’t fully appreciate if you take the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway up. Climbing up Kasteelspoort means you get an alternative view and an opportunity to fully take in the view of the Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay as well as Robben Island and Lion’s Head on a clear day.

The climb

Hiking up Kasteelspoort is a serious workout with the most incredible views all the way up. It’s a great climb and luckily it’s challenging enough to keep you focused but not too hard so even beginners with determination can give it a go. My mom did it with us and conquered the mountain like a real champ.

Watch a video on the Kasteelspoort Hike to see what you’re in for:

The picture-perfect summit

At the top, you’ll find the remnants of the old cableway station used to take construction material up the mountain when the dams were being constructed in the 1800s. There’s also a piece of rock protruding out of the mountainside called the ‘surfboard’ or ‘diving board’ where you can pose for some epic pictures if you are not afraid of heights and it’s not a windy day.

Table Mountain is always a great idea

It’s one of the Seven New Wonders of nature and the natural phenomena that makes Cape Town such a wonderful place – Table Mountain. There are apparently hundreds of hikes to try in this national park and of the dozens I’ve done, Kasteelspoort has been my favourite by far.

I recently wrote a guide on hiking this trail for Cape Town Tourism, read it here:
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