Exploring Tsukiji Fish Market – Tokyo Diaries

Exploring Tsukiji Fish Market – Tokyo Diaries

At the Tsukiji Fish Market is where we got our first real taste of Japan.

As you walk the streets of the Tsukiji outer market, steam rises from the food vendors’ stalls and people walk by with sticks of flavoured fish snacks and ice creams in the shape of flowers. It’s loud, you’re surrounded by interesting scents and you face a dilemma: How does one choose what to eat?

It’s still early, but people arrived hungry, ready to devour the fresh fish of the day. We opted for sushi, not knowing we were not mentally, physically or emotionally prepared for what was about to come.

We got in line for what seemed like a tiny restaurant, with one counter for enough space for six people. When it was our turn to be seated, we were ushered to the back of the restaurant where there was far more space. We were led into a small room, with two tables and a counter. Behind the counter, a chef was masterfully preparing sushi, with the precision of a heart surgeon and the rhythm of a conductor directing an orchestra.

Our platters arrived in brilliant shades and textures, almost too beautiful to eat. The fish was light and soft and not like anything we’d ever tasted before. It was a truly exceptional experience. We also got to enjoy bottomless matcha tea, which was another unexpected surprise.

Afterwards we found a row of vending machines selling cute trinkets, including different themed hats for cats. Just goes to show, you never know what’s waiting for you around the corner.

So how does one solve the dilemma of choosing what to eat? My suggestion would be to follow your nose for street food but save your appetite for some artful sushi.

Side note: While the Tsukiji inner market has moved to Toyosu to become Toyosu Market, the Tsukiji outer market remains. Tsujiki is accessible via three different train lines, so it’s easy to get to. Try plan activities nearby if you’re heading that way for the day.

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