Climbing the highest mountain in the UK Ben Nevis

Climbing the highest mountain in the UK Ben Nevis

If you’re going to climb a mountain in Scotland, you might as well make it the highest one in the UK, right? Towering at 1,345 meters above sea level, the mighty Ben has no distinguishable top, making it all the more mysterious and alluring for adventure seekers.

The Scottish Highlands seems to be a unique shade of green that almost burns your eyes because it’s so beautiful and enveloping. We camped at the magical Glen Nevis campsite, which has a beautiful location, wifi, and plugs and it’s just a short drive from Ben Nevis. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imaged that I would love camping while on holiday this much! Would choose it over a hotel any day. It was like a modern-day fairytale setting.

According to our sources, it would take seven to nine hours to complete the Ben Nevis hike. My sister and I were mentally prepared for it, but the more we read about the hike the more freaked out we got. Apparently, the temperature difference between the foot and the top of the mountain is nine degrees. It would already only be eleven degrees at the bottom that day  (a lovely summer’s day in Scotland), meaning the top would only be two degrees. We luckily packed for worst-case scenarios and set off.

Just a quick disclaimer: My sister Renée is a total machine! At first I thought she might be trying to break the record for the fastest climb up the mountain, but actually, she was just doing an epic job of trying to get ahead of the crowd. We did this hike in July, which is peak season (pardon the pun).

The hike was just tough enough for us to feel tired and deserving of a pudding at the German grocery store chain Lidl in the nearby town on Fort William. Once we reached the top we were lucky enough to see some of the most incredible views. It felt like we could see to the end of the earth. We were super grateful for the extra layers we had carried all the way up because it was freezing cold. We had our snacks, took plenty of photos and headed back down.

An estimated 125k people do this hike annually, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. The path is well-established and the hike is super scenic.

On our drive back to my sister’s new hometown of Falkirk we stopped to say hi to two Heilan Coos (highland cows) and if they would have fitted in the car we would have two more coos in the family now.

If you love hiking, nature, camping and a feeling of accomplishment then you should certainly add Ben Nevis to your next UK to-do list. It’s worth every step.

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