A paradise called Corfu and Vido Island

A paradise called Corfu and Vido Island

If you need any proof that the Greeks are the champions of sugary sweet pastries, then look no further than bakeries on the Greek island of Corfu. We were completely overwhelmed by the amount and sugary treats we saw and once we ate them we had a sugar high like never before!

When we first arrived at the idyllic Greek island of Corfu, we made our way to the great outdoor market to walk around and see what there is to see. We saw so many amazing stalls selling anything from linen, dresses, souvenirs, gifts and olive products to leather goods and hats. The bakeries were seriously tempting. We also stopped off for a souvlaki and we were surprised to see they were served with chips in them, almost like a South African Gatsby.

After admiring the stalls and the town’s beautiful architecture, we headed to an even smaller island called Vido island. This was one of our favourite spots on our trip. It was like our own private beach in paradise. It’s only accessible via a little boat that runs every half an hour. We swam and floated around in the salty sea to our hearts content.


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