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Social Media

Hello, I’m Estee and I can help your social media channels connect with the people you really want to reach. You and your brand are one of a kind, so if you’re looking for someone who will understand your unique needs and will cater specifically to you, then you’ve come to the right place.

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The social media landscape can be tough to navigate, but don’t fret! I have over six years’ experience in managing prominent brands and large communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. From strategy development to content creation and community management, I can help you to build and maintain a good social media standing and close relationship with your community.

What I can offer you:

Your own custom social media strategy – A roadmap to achieving your social media goals, including a competitor analysis and tone recommendations. We’ll discuss your needs and business in person or on Skype and I’ll create a detailed proposal of how we’ll make the magic happen.
Content creation – Generating on-brand copy and content (photos, videos or GIFs) tailored specifically for social media. Remember: Content is queen.
Community management – Engaging with your audience and building a loyal following. Social is a two-way conversation and I can assist you in creating a sustainable community management plan.
Custom social media schedule template – Recommendations for a tailored social media content calendar for your brand. We generate a winning content recipe for you.

Whether you’re completely new to social media or have a well-established brand, I can assist you in making social media work for you. My journalistic background combined with my experience in social media and content creation means I have the expertise to show you the way to social media success.

What others had to say about my work:

“Estee showed excellent communication skills and consistently exceeded our expectations with her drive, passion, and willingness to go above and beyond what was required of her. She is reliable and passionate ensuring that her quality of work is always of high standard.” – Julia Fell, Head of Digital at Cardova Productions & Tswelopele

“Estee always puts 110% into everything and she is incredibly resourceful always finding alternative solutions as quickly as obstacles arise. She is reliable and passionate ensuring that her quality of work is always of high standard. She has her ear on the ground in various communities and stays on top of what’s happening and relevant to ensure that content is always fresh and wanted.” – Sheri-Lee Carver-Brown, Manager at Spree, now a Marketing Manager at TFG

Brands I’ve worked with:

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