You are what you consume

You are what you consume

If your body is a temple, then surely your mind must also be comparable to an important religious building? Or is that just my mind reminding me it’s the boss of this operation?

Just like you should eat mindfully and move to keep your body alive and well, you also need to be mindful of what you think and the media you consume.

Although the press is suppose to be act as an unbiased watchdog for society, there’s a reason the saying ‘if it bleeds it leads’ is a thing. The media also has a way of helping us maintain our norms and values, which means some of the sitcoms we’ve watched have taught us great lessons about things we didn’t explicitly learn from our parents. It also means we’ve picked up thoughts and ideas that aren’t our own and most likely from another dominant culture.

Just like we shouldn’t be eating every waking hour, we probably also shouldn’t be consuming content every second of the day. Try being bored and letting your mind wonder today and see if any interesting thoughts bubble to the surface.

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