White women use your power (for good)

White women use your power (for good)

In a powerful article on white feminism, Rachel Elizabeth Cargle writes that “many white women believe that the worst thing that can happen to them is to be called a racist”.

To be honest, for me this rang true. One of my worst fears is being labelled a racist. To me, the word is synonymous with evil, close-minded, unkind and intolerant. Over the past two weeks, my view has changed.

In South Africa, each of us is reminded of our racial identity on a constant basis. To deny that we have racial biases and learned prejudices is to deny the truth. The more we are aware of it, the more we can address it, question it, dissect it and work on it.

Last week at a Global SheSays online event Pride Maunatlala said she believes white women can play a key role in fighting systemic racism. Cargle made a similar point:

White skin yields white privilege and an ally is willing to use their privilege to fight with and for those who are marginalized. Allyship means voting for elected officials who have a track record of ensuring the most marginalized among us are heard and advocated for. Allyship means using your sphere of influence whether it be your dining room table or the boardroom of your company to call out racist actions and ideals. Allyship means uplifting the voices and experiences of people of colour so that we are not continuously drowned out and ignored.

Rachel Elizabeth Cargle

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