What’s the harm in rose-tinted glasses?

What’s the harm in rose-tinted glasses?

Confession time: I’m addicted to Tik Tok.

It’s my new quarantine vice. I love following photographers on there and saw some really great shoot ideas. One involved covering your camera’s lens with a pink or red material and I gave it a try (you can watch the results here).

Everything was so pink! It made me think of the idea of seeing the world with rose tinted glasses on, a strange concept in these trying times.

I was very selective of the news I would consume before the pandemic struck. I studied journalism and it took me two years to realise the impact daily news consumption had on my psyche. I’m by no means cut out for it.

When the pandemic hit I started visiting multiple news websites daily. I even started buying the Mail&Guardian again (wanted to support journalists but didn’t end up reading much of it, soz bbz). And Shablam! Same results.

I started getting really depressed and overwhelmed by all the suffering and statistics I had absolutely zero control over. The only thing I have control over is my own perception and how much news I choose to consume. I’m by no means encouraging blissful ignorance. I am however encouraging a deep breath and a look around. Maybe a stretch? Definitely a smile? 😉

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