What is time, even?

What is time, even?

Do you also feel like all the days are blurring into one big shapeless blob of time? What was April even? I can’t think of a single Rona-unrelated thing that happened.

Time seems to be flying by but also moving at a glacier pace all at the same time.

More than ever we’re faced with the relativity of time (and also the reality that it’s a man-made concept). If you want to slow it down, try planking or skipping. If you want to speed it up, try sleeping or distracting yourself by binge-watching a series.

I recently watched this Ted Talk by Matthew Dicks (I’m a sucker for Ted Talks, #sorrynotsorry) and it seems perfect for this time. He suggests our homework for life is to take five minutes a day to write down words from a story we experienced that day. That way you’ll have a story for every day of the year. Have a look and let me know what you think:

What is time, even?
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