The tricky thing about advice

The tricky thing about advice

The tricky thing about advice is you’re almost never ready to take it.

In Afrikaans, we have a saying: “As jy nie wil hoor nie, moet jy voel.” Which loosely translates to: “If you don’t want to hear, then you have to feel.”

This saying is often given as some kind of warning or punishment to emphasise that not listening will get you into trouble. The thing is, you only really ever learn and absorb things you feel, not generally things you hear.

Burning your hand on a hot plate is a much more effective and memorable way of learning than any warning a parent can give.

“What advice would you give your younger self” is a popular interview question I often see asked. The irony is that even if you had to give your younger self advice, you probably wouldn’t even listen to you. You had to learn from your experiences, the best teacher of all.

Think back to a mistake you’ve made in your life and what that taught you. Chances are life has been giving you tons of advice all along, just not the way you would have liked it. C’est la vie.

This made me think of this tragic scene in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland:


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