The tragic tale of Freddie the leaf

The tragic tale of Freddie the leaf

When I was in primary school we once watched a video about Freddie the leaf in one of our classes (wow VHS, really giving my age away here).

It was a story of a young leaf who progresses through the seasons with his leafy friends. No animation. No gimmicks. Just a narrator talking over the visuals of a leaf. The story ended with Freddie falling from his tree in slow motion. Dead. Destined to become food for future Freddies.

I found this really depressing when I was young. Why would they get us emotionally attached to this leaf just to kill him off at the end?

Now though when I sometimes stare up at an umbrella of leaves against the blue sky I think of Freddy and the lesson our teacher and the monotone narrator probably wanted to illustrate. Nothing is permanent. Seasons change. Even though you might not see the purpose in something now, it will eventually fit into a bigger picture.

This too shall pass.

Leaves in Tokyo by Esteedv
This was from a really beautiful park in Tokyo

I couldn’t find the video for this on YouTube but there is this clip of a lady reading the storybook.

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