Revelations from the road

Revelations from the road

Last year my sister and I cycled almost 360km over six days next to the Danube river in Europe. Our trip started in Vienna, Austria, and ended in Budapest, Hungary, and it involved many revelations on the road. I noted three in particular and would love to share them here.

The first revelation was when we were at this sauna in Mosonmagyarovar in Hungary. I remember trying to soak up how special the experience was. I wanted it to last forever. Of course that triggered the reminder that everything is temporary and everything ends and that fact only adds to its value (also saunas are hella trippy).

The next revelation was on the road and I remembered that we create our own heaven here on earth. We don’t find it or go there one day, we create it. Here and now. For me, heaven was cycling through the countryside with my sister.

The next one was: Everything sucks. Yet everything is magical. Both are true simultaneously, all the time. 

Have you had any quarantine revelations you’d care to share?

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