Sitting in it

Sitting in it

Often when someone I love tells me of their pain my first reaction is to comfort, sympathise, to go into ‘fix it’ mode or worst of all to say it could have been worst.

This almost never makes the other person feel better.

At the core, we all have the same physical and emotional needs. How those needs are met might differ, but we all need to feel safe, to be seen, to feel understood, to eat and to sleep.

Sitting with someone in their pain, acknowledging it, seeing it and understanding it can help them to feel seen, heard and understood. This can be very uncomfortable, especially when you try your best to escape your own pain. Giving love and understanding to others means you also need to be able to give some love and understanding to yourself.

We’re in an extremely turbulent time right now. It’s more important than ever to breath and make space for all the things you’re feeling and allow others the same space.

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