Lockdown resolutions

Lockdown resolutions

I’m guessing you’ve experienced a whole plethora of emotions over the past five weeks. Some days I find myself constantly snacking and thinking of bread and naps, other days I go into a cleaning frenzy. Energised by all the dust that needs dusting.

I desperately want things to go back to normal. To see friends, hug my mom, buy tall overpriced cappuccinos with macadamia milk and go to a crowded beach and befriend new dogs.

Chances are our idea of ‘normal’ needs an update.

It’s going to be normal to see everyone outside wearing a mask. We’re going to have to work on our smises (smiling with your eyes) because our mouths will be hidden.

It’s going to be normal to want to hug people and then remember to keep your distance and do an awkward elbow bump.

The thing is, this change is also an opportunity. Things we’re in denial about are popping up and we can no longer ignore them.

There is a lot out of our control right now but it’s encouraging to remember that there are things you can choose. Your attitude, your perception and whether you want to shame yourself for not living up to your idea of productivity or not.

So my question to you: Whether big or small, what are you choosing to take out of this lockdown? Is it a new habit? An interesting thought or idea? How are you choosing to see and label yourself today?

These images are from Athens, you can see more of my pictures from Greece here.

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