How I became a runner

How I became a runner

In 2013 I was young and foolish enough to decide I was going to become a runner. All the “How to become a runner” articles suggested I start with walking, but no! No me! Walking is too boring (apparently we all believe we’re the exception and I bet a part of your brain is telling you you’re the exception to this right now).

Instead, I would all-out sprint for about 30 seconds before hitting the pause button and grabbing the arms of the treadmill while catching my breath. I would do this for like a whole hour. I remember the first time I ran 5km like this I walked down the street as if I had just won the lotto. “Bet that person doesn’t know they just walked passed someone who has run 5km,” I thought.

When I completed my first 21km last year I was the complete opposite of my first runner self. My motto was “slow and steady wins the race” and my only aim was to enjoy the run. Even if I was slow AF.

The lesson I was resistant to learn was to be patient. You’re stronger for taking it slow. Cliché as it might sound, Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day.

All the runs in between my first run and my first 21km were like single grains of sugar. Miss one, sure nobody cares. All the ones do add up to something bigger though and as much as one isn’t significant, there’s no cup without the grains.

Where are you running where you could be walking and enjoying the process more?

Slow and steady wins the race

PS: Spoiler alert – running doesn’t make you lose weight. Also an accountability partner or running app is defs the way to go!

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