Finding your niche

Finding your niche

One of the most prevalent pieces of advice I’ve come across is experts saying you need to pick a niche in order to succeed.

Your niche would be the intersection between what you love doing and what there is a market for. Being someone known for being an expert in one thing makes your life a whole lot easier.

If you’ve already found your niche then you are seriously lucky and should explore that to the ends of the earth. If however, you’re a jack or jill of all trades unsure of what to specialise in, then my friend you’re not alone.

In the age of digital media, you can often come across a job spec asking for candidates to be able to do everything from SEO to design to social media management to copywriting.  We’re asked to be adaptable, to take opportunities and be willing to do anything there’s a need for. On the other hand however, we’re told to pick a niche. Find that one thing you’re good at and work hard to perfect your craft.

This contradiction can be difficult to manage at the best of times.

In this warehouse of life, there has to be space for clearly labelled boxes and boxes with an odd shape filled with uncategorisable things. You don’t have to pick your niche right now if it’s not something that jumps out at you. Instead, it might be better to find your tribe, the people who you can serve with your talent.

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