Feeling and thinking

Feeling and thinking

Our minds and bodies are constantly communicating with us and the outside world.

Thoughts are the language of the mind and emotions are the language of the body. We express our thoughts and emotions verbally, in written form, through body language as well as attitude.

The mind and body also communicate with one another. When you think about something negative from the past your body feels like it’s back in that moment experiencing that thing.

What if thinking a good thought could make you feel a good thing? What if you could give yourself the approval and love your seeking through tailoring your thoughts?

I’ve recently started to try and channel my future self – the better, smarter, more confident and more enlightened version of me – instead of dwelling on the past. It’s just a little exercise I do before I go to sleep inspired by this great podcast. Since then I’ve been sleeping better and feeling better. Soon I’ll be my future self. I hope you can try it too some time.

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