Doing it all VS Essentialism

Doing it all VS Essentialism

In my first year of university, our journalism lecturer Nadia bestowed the following wisdom on us: “The more you do, the more you can do.”

I took her words to heart and proceeded to get four different part-time jobs to fit into my schedule along with my studies and social life befitting a first year. It was true, I could do a lot with my time. Just thinking about it now makes me feel exhausted for myself.

After listening to Goop’s podcast on “Why ‘Doing It All’ Is A Con”, I’d like to replace Nadia’s phrase still etched in my mind with the following quote: “I can do anything, but not everything.” In the podcast, they speak to author Greg McKeown about his book ‘Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less’. His (compelling) argument is that we should focus on what is most important and aligned with our values. Push out the things that don’t matter and have only a few top priorities.

I don’t regret that phase of my life one bit, but I think the latter is the best approach to a healthy lifestyle. A fulfilling life doesn’t have to be full. Focus attention on the things that matter and leave enough room to be able to linger on the little things in life.

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