How to be more creative

How to be more creative

We’ve effectively eliminated boredom by constantly having our phones with an internet connection on us. Any spare moment can be used to scroll Twitter, Instagram or a news site.

The thing with creativity is it needs a little bit of space. A moment to stretch out and say hi.

It’s hard to be creative when you’re super stressed, depressed or burnt out.

Here’s where I’ve found creativity surprising me:

While journaling and reflecting on the past, present or future
While lying on the floor thinking
While doodling or drawing
While watching other people be creative on TikTok or Pinterest
While running
While showering
While listening to a stimulating podcast or audiobook

It feels like creativity often visits when you’re occupied but your mind is running free. You’re in thought but not worrying or overthinking. For me, to be creative is to let my mind be free.

Where has creativity found you?

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