Authenticity is a claptrap

Authenticity is a claptrap

In social media ‘authenticity’ is the buzzword du jour so imagine my surprise when one of my marketing heroes said it’s claptrap (I’m paraphrasing).

In one of his Instagram lives, Seth Godin said he doesn’t care for authenticity. You may not authentically show up the same way every day (as a scatterbrain on a new rollercoaster of emotions every day this definitely resonated). What trumps authenticity, for him, is consistency.

Can you consistently show up? When you make a commitment, can you stick to it?

When I commit to something I often want to force myself to stick with it, even if it isn’t in my best interest anymore. Maybe consistency can also include consistently correcting course. To consistently recalibrate what is the best course to take.

We also know (now more than ever) change is the only constant. The universe is showing us consistency by being unpredictable, we should return the favour and consistently show up (to mix it up).

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